The Theatre Fund is an opportunity for new investors to participate in a business sector the performance of which has improved over the last eight years despite the recession, and which does not depend on government support: West End theatre production.

The innovative structure of The Theatre Fund affords new investors, and investors already accustomed to theatre investing, many payroll advantages over the traditional theatre investment model including:

  • significant tax advantages under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”), including up-front income tax relief of 30% of the amount invested, profits free of capital gains or income tax, and further potential benefits;

  • an enhanced percentage financial participation for investors (including a 70% share of profits compared with the traditional 60%, and participation in producer royalties traditionally retained by the producer); and,

  • diversification of investment risk across a portfolio of productions selected by experienced professionals.

TTF Investors will have the benefit of the guidance of Act Productions Limited, an established leading West End theatre producer.

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